WSC/WPC Impressions – October 11-12 (To Beijing)

I got up early in the morning, and took the shuttle from Waterloo to Toronto airport, which took 1 1/2 hours. After checking in my luggage and clearing security, I met Dave and Anil in the waiting area, among with Will Shortz and some members of the US team. It turned out that our plane was delayed by an hour due to maintenance, though that was nothing compared to the 10 hour delay that Byron got. During the flight, I spent most of the time solving the example sudokus and puzzles in the instructions booklet. The remaining time I used to watch movies, which meant I got no sleep.

By the time we got to Beijing, it was already 6pm. Luckily for us, clearing customs was a breeze, unlike trying to get the Chinese visa. After meeting up with the organizers and the Indian team, we then took the Shuttle to the Beijing Chateau Laffitte Hotel. During the way, our driver took the wrong road, and we ended up at a construction site. By the time we ended up at the hotel, it was 7:40, and dinner ends at 8. We hurriedly ate, checked in, then went to bed.


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