Puzzle #2 – Yajilin

It took longer than expected to write the code for my puzzle drawing program. Yajilin proved to be particular troublesome. Anyways, now that I got that part done, I should post this puzzle that I had for over a week. The idea is based on something I saw from one of Palmer’s older puzzles, so be warned that it’s going to be hard. However, I can assure you that there is a logical solution. Please leave a comment if you managed to solved it. Good luck.


Puzzle #2 - Yajilin



4 thoughts on “Puzzle #2 – Yajilin

    • I was hoping for people to get completely stuck on this one, to be honest. Maybe I should have made it a little bigger to obscure the starting point.

  1. Thoroughly amazing (shameless plug: I clicked your link from your gracious comment at http://www.gmpuzzles.com/blog/2014/10/tomtom-clueless-john-bulten/ yesterday). Removing the “1” clue might make it harder but it might make it easier to focus on the necessary steps. Spotted the trick without significant hassle (how the four 3’s work together) but then fell into a couple traps (what to do about it to make parity work) leaving an almost illegible ink solution. One of the best 10x’s and one of those where I wonder when I’ll ever understand how it works, yet it does.

  2. Really easy if you already know the trick beforehand.

    HINT 1: Lbh pna’g unir guerr oynpx pryyf va n gjb-ol-guerr erpgnatyr.

    HINT 2: Gur gjb guerr-evtug pyhrf zrna gung gurer ner fvk oynpx pryyf va n gjb-ol-avar erpgnatyr. Gurer nera’g znal bcgvbaf urer.

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