Team Canada

With the dates for the 2014 championships bumped up to August in London and the WPF Sudoku and Puzzle Grand Prixs starting soon we need to determine a method for qualifying interested players for the Canadian A and B teams.  As was the case in 2013 I will be the official representative to the WPF but funding will be shared by all members competing in London – that is to say that the 400 Euro fee will be split among all qualifying members (hopefully as many as 16). I would propose that we use both the old way (USPC) and new (Grand Prix) as a method for Canadian Team qualification.  By that I would suggest that the top three finishers on the USPC and a single, to be determined, leg of the Sudoku Grand Prix qualify for Team Canada’s A-team and the 4th spot on the A-teams and B-team qualifiers come from overall scores on the full Grand Prix circuit (check the rules there – only the best 5 or 6 results count towards your score).  My only concern with this format is for those looking to be part of the B-teams that don’t necessarily want to compete in all the Grand Prix events – this is just one proposal and I would encourage you to comment in this post with any thoughts/ideas you may have.  I’d like to have this planned out prior to the first Sudoku Grand Prix event Jan 31st, but am not setting that date in stone.  Feel free to also add any other comments or start additional posts regarding the team in general and the possibility of organizing a round of the Grand Prix in future years.  Thanks.


5 thoughts on “Team Canada

  1. My biggest question right now of course would be what to do if the highest scorers of both events turns out to be the same people. Presumably, Byron will score top on the USPC and the Grand Prix, if he decides to do it. Anyways, I am not sure whether using the full GP is the best. I presume they make it best 5 of 6 (and 6 of 7) because someone may need to skip a round due to circumstances beyond their control. Is there any reason why we should not simply follow what they do in that regard? Also, I am not sure whether I like using a specific leg of the sudoku GP, especially for the A team. If anything I would have it reversed, with the A team being selected with most of the GP and B team based upon maybe the best 2 or 3 scores or something. The case for puzzle is a bit different, as we have been using the USPC historically in the past, and it isn’t part of the GP this year. If we are to change too drastically (like stop using the USPC), we may well end up with a situation similar to that of 2009, which I do not wish to repeat.
    Just so you know, the first sudoku GP is not on Jan 31. It’s in fact Jan 17, the puzzle GP is on the 31st.

  2. I think for the Sudoku A team, it should be the top 3 Canadian finishers of the final standings of the Sudoku GP, and the last member would be the top finisher in the US Sudoku qualifying tournament that is not among the top 3 in the final standings.

    For the puzzle team, I would like to see the team made up of a mix of the puzzle GP results and the USPC. The USPC could be the first 3 qualifiers and the top score in the overall puzzle GP outside of the USPC could be the 4th member.

  3. Anyone else have anymore ideas? If not, then we should make a decision/vote soon, preferably before the first GP this Friday. Personally, I like David Jone’s suggestion for the A team, and we can extend it similarly to the B-team, if we have enough people that we need to decide on how to select for it.

  4. With no objections noted – We’ll move forward with the plan of qualifying the top 3 players for the Sudoku team from the Grand Prix results.

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