Puzzle #15 – Fillomino

The break-in to this one is hard, but the puzzle solves pretty easily once the break-in is found. I really need to learn how to put more than one trick into a puzzle.


Puzzle #15 - Fillomino



2 thoughts on “Puzzle #15 – Fillomino

  1. The break-in that I found was nffhzvat gung gur svir arkg gb gur ybjre-yrsg avar rkgraqf qbjajneqf, oybpxvat gur avar sebz rkgraqvat gb gur evtug naq sbepvat vg gb rkgraq hcjneqf, naq neevivat ng n pbagenqvpgvba sebz gurer. Is that the intention?

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