Team Canada 2014

Good to see a number of Canadians involved in the Grand Prix thus far – we should be well represented in London this August.

On that topic, can I get a show of virtual hands as to who is likely interested in attending the WSC and WPC this year.  I’ll be making the payment to the WPF shortly, which we will divide up evenly amongst all A and B team attendees.  There is generally room for anyone interested in attending on at least the B-team but we will use Grand Prix and USPC results to sort it out if we have an abundance of interest.  Thanks to Aaron for the work on this site and good luck to all (except maybe Jerry who it seems is my absolute Sudoku equal according to the results thus far).


3 thoughts on “Team Canada 2014

  1. I am interested in both, in particular as A team for the WPC. While I am hoping to make the A team in WSC as well, that depends on my performance in the remaining trials.

    Edit: You should still e-mail the top performers of the relevant contests, regardless of whether they expressed interest here. We don’t want to pull a 2009 again.

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