Puzzle #23 – Star Battle

This puzzle is fairly easy aside from the slightly unusual start.

P.S. If someone knows why the picture is garbled on Facebook, please let me know. It only started happening in my last 2 posts, and I haven’t changed my developing environment as far as I know. I added a bit of code to create new puzzle types, but I did not insert new drawing code.


Puzzle #23 - Star Battle


Sudoku Grand Prix: Switzerland Round!

The third round of the Sudoku Grand Prix is coming this weekend, from March 14-17. Those interested in competing for the World Sudoku Championship in August should participate, as we will be using Grand Prix result to select our team members. The competition can be found at http://www.gp.worldpuzzle.org/ .

Please use this thread to discuss about this round of the Sudoku GP. Comments are now unlocked.

Puzzle #20 – Masyu (All White)

My second puzzle in my attempts to make variations, and to make up for not posting a puzzle on Monday. This one is the opposite of Puzzle #19 – Masyu (All Black), and is probably harder as well. Despite taking several tries to get it right, I am quite pleased in how it turned out. Unlike the All Black, it is feasible to construct an All White puzzle without using any black circles at all. Furthermore, this puzzle heavily uses the rule that all white circles are marked.

Standard Masyu Rules. Additionally, all possible white circles are placed in the puzzle. ie. If the path goes through a square without a white circle, then it must either turn on that square, or go straight in both of the squares adjacent to it.

Puzzle #20 - Masyu (All White)