Info from the WPF

Dear members,
as most of you have already started to plan the trips to London, I am sending you info received from the UKPA team regarding the possibility of earlier arrivals and also planned pick up at the airport.
Please share this message with your team members and inform the organisers about your arrival schedule as soon as you can.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you
“Selsdon Park Hotel can offer £80 for a room (bed and breakfast) for one/two people for any number of nights before and after the event.  We can put participants together who wish to share.We will only be able to finalise transfer arrangements to the hotel once we know everyone’s arrival plans. Please can all participants book the most cost/time effective flight for themselves, bearing in mind that Gatwick has the easiest and shortest connection at our end, but we understand that not all countries/cities fly to Gatwick. We ask that you arrive as early as possible on the Sunday, for your own benefit, as well as to help with our logistics.

We will have people at East Croydon station all day with a shuttle service to the hotel with a round trip of approximately 30 minutes to minimise waiting.  If numbers warrant, we will also have a direct coach from Gatwick.  We will also look to organise shared taxis (up to 8 people) from Heathrow, Stansted and Luton.”


Puzzle #35 – Nonogram

Please welcome Craig Kasper, our new author on the blog. It is nice that we have someone else publishing puzzles here as well.

Onto the puzzle itself, this is the last of the Nonogram that goes together with the previous two. If you have yet to figure out what the theme is, they are the symbols of the races used in a certain competitive video game.


Puzzle #35 - Nonogram


Puzzle #34 – Fillomino

New for today, we present to you an not-particularly-difficult fillomino with an eye-catching pattern.

Also new for today, “we” includes an additional puzzle author – yours truly.  My name is Craig Kasper, and to my knowledge I am Canada’s most frequent contributor of puzzles to the US Puzzle Championship and the World Puzzle Championships.

My thanks go to the Canada Puzzle Team for allowing me access to their blog to surprise you with puzzles here and there.  I look forward to finding other ways to work with them in the future.



US Puzzle Championships

The US Sudoku Championship and US Puzzle Championship dates have been announced. We will use this as the single event that will decide a qualifier for Team Canada’s A team for each event (Top score of those interested and able to attend, not including the three top qualifiers from the Grand Prix).  Should you have any questions feel free to add a note in the comments.  Thanks again to Aaron for his work on the blog, be sure to take advantage of his puzzles as a method of practice for these events.