US Puzzle Championships

The US Sudoku Championship and US Puzzle Championship dates have been announced. We will use this as the single event that will decide a qualifier for Team Canada’s A team for each event (Top score of those interested and able to attend, not including the three top qualifiers from the Grand Prix).  Should you have any questions feel free to add a note in the comments.  Thanks again to Aaron for his work on the blog, be sure to take advantage of his puzzles as a method of practice for these events.


4 thoughts on “US Puzzle Championships

  1. Am I missing something about the US Sudoku Championship site? I want to see what kind of batshit puzzles they’ve come up with, but all I see is the option to start the Practice Test. I don’t see how to prepare.
    – Jerry

    • To access past year’s USPC and USSC, click history and scroll down. The practice test is mostly just a selection of the puzzles they have in past USPC/USSC anyways, so you can ignore that if you want. This year’s instructions are not up until May 2, so you will have to wait.

      P.S. The schedule for the USSC is absolutely horrid for me. Google Code Jam Round 1B starts at 12pm EDT, which would be a direct conflict for me and Derek, if we somehow failed to make it through Round 1A. Let’s hope that does not happen. Worse, TopCoder Open Round 2A is on 12pm May 17…… I am going to start the USPC 15 minutes late and suffer whatever penalty I have to.

      P.P.S. I move the category of the post to WSC/WPC 2014.

      • Oh wow. Derek solved everything in a 2.5 hours contest within 1 hour. I guess that means he’s making it to the next round. From the scores, it looks like I made it through as well, though in ~400th place instead of 4th. That means that there won’t be conflicts with the USSC for me.

  2. Yeah, I’ll be abroad at the time… I’ll have to try to write the test at 2AM in Korea somehow. The US team has an uncanny knack for scheduling this thing at the worst possible time!

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