Puzzle #34 – Fillomino

New for today, we present to you an not-particularly-difficult fillomino with an eye-catching pattern.

Also new for today, “we” includes an additional puzzle author – yours truly.  My name is Craig Kasper, and to my knowledge I am Canada’s most frequent contributor of puzzles to the US Puzzle Championship and the World Puzzle Championships.

My thanks go to the Canada Puzzle Team for allowing me access to their blog to surprise you with puzzles here and there.  I look forward to finding other ways to work with them in the future.



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About Craig Kasper

I'm a puzzle solver and constructor. My crosswords have been published in venues including the New York Times, while some of my other constructions have been used for the US Puzzle Championship and the World Puzzle Championship. As a puzzle constructor, I'm currently enthusiastically supporting the good stuff being put out by Grandmaster Puzzles, and in the magazine Will Shortz's Wordplay.

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