Puzzle #35 – Nonogram

Please welcome Craig Kasper, our new author on the blog. It is nice that we have someone else publishing puzzles here as well.

Onto the puzzle itself, this is the last of the Nonogram that goes together with the previous two. If you have yet to figure out what the theme is, they are the symbols of the races used in a certain competitive video game.


Puzzle #35 - Nonogram



2 thoughts on “Puzzle #35 – Nonogram

  1. Appropriately enough I did this series with a Starcraft stream in the background. I can’t help but notice the Protoss puzzle is much easier than the other two races 😛

    • I didn’t find any of the 3 particularly difficult, compared to the other pure logic puzzles I put on the site. This one is definitely a little harder than the the other 2, however.

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