2014 U.S. Sudoku Championship

The U.S. Sudoku Championship is coming this weekend, on May 3, 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Those interested in competing for the World Sudoku Championship in August should participate, as the top scorer of the USSC not already qualified via the Grand Prix is selected for the A-team. The competition can be found at http://wpc.puzzles.com/ussq2014/.


11 thoughts on “2014 U.S. Sudoku Championship

  1. Is it fair game to discuss what we thought of the US competition? (The time for completion has passed for everyone, right?)

  2. The timer window says US test is over, so I guess yes? Anyways, I bombed pretty bad on this one. For one thing I am not used to Wei-Hwa’s style, for another I had to erase multiple puzzles during the contest.

  3. Round 1 was easier than I expected; Round 2 not so much.

    I got bogged down on Triple Double; Tile Sudoku took me a lot longer than it should’ve; I wasted a lot of time hoping to complete Outside Sudoku. I screwed up something on Arrow; not sure what.

    Tight Fit, Diagonal and Classics were easier on me.


  4. Well, I got 145. After going back and solving the rest of the puzzles, all I can say is I choose poorly.

  5. I finished Round 1 early and got bonus points… but submitted some of Round 2 late and got penalized. The only one I couldn’t solve was dynasty sudoku. I’m still not sure how to solve it logically but hopefully I’ll never have to see a puzzle like that again!

    On a side note: I felt the triple double in this was harder than the one used in the team competition in the 2010 WSC, and it was the most time consuming sudoku to solve.

    • Tell me about it…… Those 2 puzzles took me forever. The dynasty was simply nasty, especially for a 15 pointer.

      • yep, also spent a while on the Dynasty… I solved it, but then typo’ed my answer. D’oh!

  6. My score is hidden on the USA page http://wpc.puzzles.com/ussq2014/results.asp?mode=usa25

    I’ve had a profile on puzzles.com for a few years now, and I guess my profile was never recorded as “Canada” back then. I made sure to change my profile to “Canada” prior to the competition, but maybe the change didn’t kick in in time on their system.

    Please count my score as 145.

  7. Congrats David and Byron on a great score!

    Yep I feel you Aaron. A couple answer-entry-form typos and a valid solution to the arrow-sudoku – excepting that I read one of the 9-sums as an 8 instead (maybe you did the same thing Jerry?) – contributed to my poor showing! Wasted so much time getting stuck on the Killer and the Triple-double as well… I should have probably learned by now not to attempt killer sudokus in a competition setting…

    • Yep. I screwed up something somewhere; didn’t have time to fix it, and just typed in the numbers that I had before time expired.

      I got lucky on some puzzles, and really wasted opportunities on others… So pretty much like any other sudoku competition for me. 🙂

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