2014 US Puzzle Championship coming this weekend

The 2014 US Puzzle Championship is happening this coming weekend, on May 17th, 2014, just two short weeks after the US Sudoku Championship.  Both of these championships came early this year, presumably due to a relatively early World Puzzle Championships date.

If you’re interested in participating, head on over to http://wpc.puzzles.com/uspc2014/ to register, and for further information about participating.

Note that the instructions and the encrypted test PDF are scheduled to appear on Friday, May 16th, so if you’re wondering what this year’s challenges are, or if you’re hoping to get some practice in on puzzle types which will be on the test, you still have a few days to wait.

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About Craig Kasper

I'm a puzzle solver and constructor. My crosswords have been published in venues including the New York Times, while some of my other constructions have been used for the US Puzzle Championship and the World Puzzle Championship. As a puzzle constructor, I'm currently enthusiastically supporting the good stuff being put out by Grandmaster Puzzles, and in the magazine Will Shortz's Wordplay.

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