Puzzle #47 – Pentomino Minesweeper

Not as good as I would have liked it to be. One of the clues in this puzzle is redundant, and is kept for symmetric purposes. By some strange coincidence, the first version of the puzzle looked like a swastika, so I had to change it around a bit.

The set of pantominoes used in this puzzle is the full set of 12. (FILNPTUVWXYZ)

Puzzle #47 - Pentomino Minesweeper



Sudoku Grand Prix 2015: Czech Republic Round!

The sixth round of the Sudoku Grand Prix is coming this weekend, from May 22-25. Those interested in competing for the World Sudoku Championship in October should participate, as we will be using Grand Prix result to select our team members. The competition can be found at http://www.gp.worldpuzzle.org/.

Puzzle #45 – Checkered Fillomino

This is an interesting variant that I saw in a few places, including GM Puzzles and the 24HPC. I feel like there’s a lot that I can do with this type.

P.S. New WordPress editor is trash. It doesn’t let you copy a post like the old one. Good thing the old editor is still available via some arcane URL.

Standard Fillomino rules. Additionally, it must be possible to shade some regions so that no two regions of the same colour are adjacent to each other.

Puzzle #45 - Checkered Fillomino