Puzzle #45 – Checkered Fillomino

This is an interesting variant that I saw in a few places, including GM Puzzles and the 24HPC. I feel like there’s a lot that I can do with this type.

P.S. New WordPress editor is trash. It doesn’t let you copy a post like the old one. Good thing the old editor is still available via some arcane URL.

Standard Fillomino rules. Additionally, it must be possible to shade some regions so that no two regions of the same colour are adjacent to each other.

Puzzle #45 - Checkered Fillomino



2 thoughts on “Puzzle #45 – Checkered Fillomino

  1. Great, thank you! Some new-to-me deductions in there.

    Have you considered backing the dashed lines with off-white, it would make puzzles like this one even more pleasant to solve on the computer.

  2. That is currently beyond the means of my editing program, which is my own little project. I will consider it when I have the time to expand/rewrite it.

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