Info from the WPF

Dear members,
as most of you have already started to plan the trips to London, I am sending you info received from the UKPA team regarding the possibility of earlier arrivals and also planned pick up at the airport.
Please share this message with your team members and inform the organisers about your arrival schedule as soon as you can.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you
“Selsdon Park Hotel can offer £80 for a room (bed and breakfast) for one/two people for any number of nights before and after the event.  We can put participants together who wish to share.We will only be able to finalise transfer arrangements to the hotel once we know everyone’s arrival plans. Please can all participants book the most cost/time effective flight for themselves, bearing in mind that Gatwick has the easiest and shortest connection at our end, but we understand that not all countries/cities fly to Gatwick. We ask that you arrive as early as possible on the Sunday, for your own benefit, as well as to help with our logistics.

We will have people at East Croydon station all day with a shuttle service to the hotel with a round trip of approximately 30 minutes to minimise waiting.  If numbers warrant, we will also have a direct coach from Gatwick.  We will also look to organise shared taxis (up to 8 people) from Heathrow, Stansted and Luton.”


US Puzzle Championships

The US Sudoku Championship and US Puzzle Championship dates have been announced. We will use this as the single event that will decide a qualifier for Team Canada’s A team for each event (Top score of those interested and able to attend, not including the three top qualifiers from the Grand Prix).  Should you have any questions feel free to add a note in the comments.  Thanks again to Aaron for his work on the blog, be sure to take advantage of his puzzles as a method of practice for these events.

Team Canada 2014

Good to see a number of Canadians involved in the Grand Prix thus far – we should be well represented in London this August.

On that topic, can I get a show of virtual hands as to who is likely interested in attending the WSC and WPC this year.  I’ll be making the payment to the WPF shortly, which we will divide up evenly amongst all A and B team attendees.  There is generally room for anyone interested in attending on at least the B-team but we will use Grand Prix and USPC results to sort it out if we have an abundance of interest.  Thanks to Aaron for the work on this site and good luck to all (except maybe Jerry who it seems is my absolute Sudoku equal according to the results thus far).

Team Canada

With the dates for the 2014 championships bumped up to August in London and the WPF Sudoku and Puzzle Grand Prixs starting soon we need to determine a method for qualifying interested players for the Canadian A and B teams.  As was the case in 2013 I will be the official representative to the WPF but funding will be shared by all members competing in London – that is to say that the 400 Euro fee will be split among all qualifying members (hopefully as many as 16). I would propose that we use both the old way (USPC) and new (Grand Prix) as a method for Canadian Team qualification.  By that I would suggest that the top three finishers on the USPC and a single, to be determined, leg of the Sudoku Grand Prix qualify for Team Canada’s A-team and the 4th spot on the A-teams and B-team qualifiers come from overall scores on the full Grand Prix circuit (check the rules there – only the best 5 or 6 results count towards your score).  My only concern with this format is for those looking to be part of the B-teams that don’t necessarily want to compete in all the Grand Prix events – this is just one proposal and I would encourage you to comment in this post with any thoughts/ideas you may have.  I’d like to have this planned out prior to the first Sudoku Grand Prix event Jan 31st, but am not setting that date in stone.  Feel free to also add any other comments or start additional posts regarding the team in general and the possibility of organizing a round of the Grand Prix in future years.  Thanks.