To prepare for the World Puzzle Championship and to write my thesis, I will be on hiatus until the WPC in London. During the WPC, I will post my day-to-day impressions as long as I have internet connection available. For those of us attending, I wish that Canada place well this year.



Welcome to the Official blog for the Canadian Puzzle and Sudoku Teams. Following discussion among team members at the World Championships in Beijing it was decided that we needed a place to be able to post comments, ideas and puzzles, replacing the mass e-mail approach of 2013. What I hope we can accomplish here is to increase the presence of the team both at home and abroad, but for that I will need your help. Shortly I will be posting a proposal on selection for the 2014 teams and I look forward to your input on this as well as other items on the site. Thanks to Aaron Chan for getting the site up and running and the initial puzzles.
All the best for 2014,
Dave Baines.