Puzzle #53 – Pentomino Minesweeper

I liked how this one turned out. Should be fairly easy to start, but hard to finish. Funny that it has 1 more clue than the previous 2 puzzles, despite looking more sparse.

The set of pantominoes used in this puzzle is the full set of 12. (FILNPTUVWXYZ)

Puzzle #53 - Pentomino Minesweeper



Puzzle #45 – Checkered Fillomino

This is an interesting variant that I saw in a few places, including GM Puzzles and the 24HPC. I feel like there’s a lot that I can do with this type.

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Standard Fillomino rules. Additionally, it must be possible to shade some regions so that no two regions of the same colour are adjacent to each other.

Puzzle #45 - Checkered Fillomino