Puzzle Maker

The Puzzle Maker is an open source tool for drafting and exporting grid based puzzles. It features an intuitive graphical user interface and a solution checker for selected puzzle types.


  • Create puzzles for several puzzle types, including Akari, Sudoku, Fillomino, LITS, Masyu, and etc.
  • Export puzzles and solutions as PNG.
  • Import and export puzzles data files, so that you can resume and edit puzzles at a later time.
  • Check solutions to ensure that they are valid solutions for your puzzles. (Not yet available for all puzzle types.)
  • Grid highlighting to show where are constraints satisfied/violated.

The binary and source code for Puzzle Maker can be found here. Puzzle Maker is written in Java, and requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to work. A copy of the JRE can be found here. To use Puzzle Maker, simply double click on PuzzleMaker.jar. Puzzle data are saved/loaded from the directory “puzzle data”, and puzzle images saved in the directory “puzzle image”.


Puzzle Maker Screenshot 6 Puzzle Maker Screenshot 5 Puzzle Maker Screenshot 4 Puzzle Maker Screenshot 3 Puzzle Maker Screenshot 2 Puzzle Maker Screenshot 1

Future Work:

  • Add SVG support.
  • Convert application to applet that can be used online.
  • Create a generic template for adding putting arbitrary layers together for custom puzzle types.

Version History:


  • Added import/export data function.
  • Implemented puzzle drafting for Akari, Fillomino, Masyu, and Nurikabe.
  • Implemented solution checking for Fillomino, Sudoku, and Akari.
  • Extended Sudoku drafting to allow irregular grids.
  • Implemented symmetry checks for puzzle clues.

v0.1: (This version was not released.)

  • Initial tool created.
  • Implemented puzzle drafting for Yajilin, LITS, and Sudoku.
  • Implemented export puzzle and solution as PNG.

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